Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Publishing LLC is proud to represent Diana Rosengard’s debut novel, SPOOKED. This is the first book in a New Adult noir series with a supernatural edge.

Callie McCayter thought enrolling at a small liberal arts college in picturesque Astoria, Oregon with her childhood best friend Izzy Miller would give her a fresh start. It's everything Callie has always wanted: new school, new life, but never a new best friend.

Then one night, Izzy dies on her way back to campus in a hit-and-run. Callie, almost mad with grief, can barely leave her room. She feels haunted by Izzy’s ghost...and determined to hunt down whomever is responsible for Izzy's death and make them pay. But as Callie begins to dig deeper into Izzy's life and the lives of those around them, she finds it harder and harder to separate the friends from the enemies, the lies from the truth. 

Will Callie find out what really happened to Izzy? Or will the line between what is real and what isn't become so blurred that Callie loses herself in the process?

Recommended for fans of Riverdale, Rosewood, and Veronica Mars of all ages, SPOOKED. is available in hardcover, paperback, and digital from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram Book Group distributors.

Burned. by Diana Rosengard (Spooked. series book #2)

Diana Rosengard returns with the second novel in the SPOOKED. series, BURNED. Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Publishing LLC is excited to bring the next chapter in Callie and Izzy’s story to fans of this supernatural noir series.

BURNED. follows Callie as she returns to Astoria to begin Spring Semester with Izzy, as always, by her side. Which is good, because now that Callie is encountering other ghosts, she needs Izzy’s help and friendship more than ever. Join them as they encounters new friends,  sleep obsessed RAs, old flames, challenging classes, irritating flirts, meddling campus staff, and a terrifying, deadly enemy, one who knows about Callie’s growing powers and wants to use them — and her.

As Callie tries to survive until finals with her sanity and self-esteem intact, BURNED dares to ask the question: if death is unavoidable, is friendship still forever?

BURNED. will be available for PREORDER in September 2019. To get exclusive information, giveaways, playlists, trivia, and more on this forthcoming publication, sign up for the SPOOKED. series mailing list!